Tasha Smith Biography
Painted Paper Collage Artist


In 2000, Tasha Smith graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business/Marketing and a Minor in Fine Art. That education has served her well in the past, but is a perfect fit for her new career as a collage artist.

In 2008, Tasha became a mom and committed fully to the role of mother, wife, and eventually homeschooler. Her primary focus for the last twelve years has been growing strong, capable, and joyful daughters. Four years of homeschooling was a big commitment, but it was a time she will always cherish. All three girls, Gianna (11), Ruby (10), & Stella (7) are now in Stanwood-Camano schools, which frees Tasha up to pursue her creative endeavors.  

Moving to Camano Island was a great change for Tasha. Camano Island is a place to feel inspired, and a perfect location for an emerging artist. The art community in Stanwood and Camano have been very welcoming and supportive of her work. Tasha now has the space and time to devote to the artistic process. Camano Island is not only an art community, but it’s a beautiful place for those who love nature.  

“I love the outdoors! I love to hike and backpack.  I think it inspires a great deal of my work” -Tasha.  

Tasha’s landscapes and florals show her love of the outdoors.  These collage pieces tell a story of where she’s been and what she saw through her artistic eye.

Time in her home studio is spent mostly ripping and gluing. She starts with an acrylic under-painting on a birch panel. Once satisfied with her image, she proceeds to rip and glue paper. The paper has been painted with acrylic paint to bring color, vibrancy, and longevity to the piece. The result looks like a bright and colorful painting, but on closer inspection the viewer discovers more.  It is a painted paper collage! 

“Thank you for being part of my journey!  Art is such a joy in my life. I hope my art will bring joy to you as well.”  -Tasha Smith

To view or purchase original art or prints for sale please visit Tasha’s website at or find out what’s happening in her studio by following her on Instagram at and Facebook at

Tasha is a member of the Camano Arts Association (CAA) and the Stanwood-Camano Art Guild (SCAG).  Tasha’s work is currently on display at Cassera Gallery (Stanwood).  She will be a featured artist on the Camano Arts Association Studio Tour.  Find her at the Guilded Gallery in Stanwood on May 8, 9, 10 & 16, 17 (2020).  More details will be available soon on her social media pages or at CAA Studio Tour