“I purchased one of Tasha’s collage paintings, and have to say that the experience was a delight. I was lucky enough to get a demo of how she creates her work, and to see some pieces in progress. It’s always fun to see where art comes from! The painting is spectacular, and I’m so very pleased.”




“Beautiful and original!




“Tasha, your art is bright, bold and beautiful!  What’s not to love?

I’m very pleased with the pieces that I have purchased, and look forward to more.
Your florals are my favorite; they bring joy to any room I put them in. And the fact that your pieces are ready to hang with no effort on my part is just another positive.
Keep it coming, I want to fill my rooms with your flower bouquets!



“Tasha Is a very gifted artist with a unique, individual style and method which takes planning, patience, focus, vision, and many hours of work. She is a self starter and a perfectionist… All of these are reflected in her art and ethic….

I have been very impressed with her strong organizational skills, her ability to ask the right questions, evaluate the problem, and then provide workable solutions. She is a hybrid, and very resourceful.”




“I am the happy owner of two original, beautiful works of art from Tasha Smith. My most recent addition to my collection was purchased online. Tasha responded quickly to my interest. My signed artwork was securely packaged and quickly received! Tasha followed up to make sure everything was satisfactory.  I enjoy watching new works of art in progress and hope to soon add to my collection. Of course, it is a more enjoyable experience to shop in person and talk with Tasha.  However it is also important at this time to be able to shop at a distance and to be able to add some joy to life!”




“Tasha’s art is a welcome addition to my home. I purchased a work with three pieces  and I love it. It’s been fun to rearrange the pieces over time and enjoy a new perspective. Beautiful work. Makes me feel closer to nature.”




“I have known Tasha for only a few years, but in that time, I have been very impressed with not only her unique artistic talents, but her organizational skills and her marketing approach to her art.  Tasha has successfully managed her growing family, while establishing herself as an artist….

Tasha’s attention to the quality of her art and her desire to discover new ways to express herself through art is balanced by her common sense and solid approach to the financial side of art being a business.




“Love my art piece, Fern Study by Tasha Smith Art! It is beautifully done, so much detail and just a wonderful piece to admire every day in my home. This piece was ordered online, Tasha responded almost immediately and my art came just a few short days later ready to hang. I look forward to acquiring more art in the future by Tasha!”




“Tasha has many talents…. It is a pleasure to find an individual who has the ability to mesh creativity with the business world.”  




“Tasha’s artwork makes me smile every day. A vibrant take on nature, the collection I bought pulls me in and relaxes me every time I see it. Great artwork, made accessible with mounting already in place, seamlessly provides beauty. I can’t wait to get more.”